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Sheraton Dallas is all about going GREEN

Conserving water, energy and other resources is rewarding for you and great for the environment. Enjoy a $5 voucher at participating food and beverage outlets or 500 Starpoints® awarded at check-out for each night you decline housekeeping (except day of departure).

It feels good to conserve. Make A Green Choice.

To participate in the Make a Green Choice program, please tell us at check-in or look for the door hanger in your guestroom.

See what a difference a night can make!

Save Water

37.2 Gallons*

37.2 gallons is 596 cups, enough for 1 person to drink almost 2 cups per day for a year.

Save Electricity

0.19 KWH*

That's enough to run an Energy Star-rated laptop for 10 hours.

Save Natural Gas

25,000 btu*

Enough energy to heat a 400 square foot room at 70°F for 4 hours - when it's 10°F outside.

Save Chemicals

7 oz*

Fewer chemicals equals less toxicity in the environment. And that's good for everyone.

*All amounts estimated based on average guestroom size and materials usage.

Green Key3

Upon completion of its 91 million dollar transformation the Sheraton Dallas will be all about GREEN leading and changing the way we think and do about our Mother Earth conservation. Some of the active initiatives include:

  • Aggressive program is in place for the reduction of waste and increasing the recycling.
  • Upgrading the lighting units in the Hotel guestrooms, public area and back of the house.
  • Replacement of the entire laundry equipment.
  • Upgrading the Energy management system.
  • Installation of the latest technology in smart t-stats in guest rooms.

Green Facts about the Sheraton Dallas

  1. The Sheraton Dallas has an Environmental Committee which is led by our Six Sigma Black Belt.
  2. The Sheraton Dallas monitors electric, gas, water, and waste usage information on a daily basis along with tracking recycling vs waste.
  3. A hot water recirculation system has been installed as part of the property renovation reducing hot water heating demand. Interior landscape is a zero-scape project requiring no water or daily maintenance and is a zero carbon footprint
  4. A Guest room digital Energy Management program and network enabled thermostats has been installed with Infra-red occupancy and PMS interfaces.
  5. Our "Make a Green Choice Program is averaging a 17.2% participation rate among our guests.
  6. 2.5-gallons per minute showerheads have been added throughout the facility.
  7. 1.6-gallon toilets are in all guestrooms.
  8. Recycling bins have been added to all guest rooms and public space. In conjunction with the manufacturer we have sponsored and planted 1000 trees in Brazil through "Trees for the Future."
  9. Recycling program for hazardous materials found in fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and lighting ballasts through licensed service providers is in place.
  10. A New energy efficient Laundry plant has been installed, reducing water/sewer demands by 66%.
  11. An overall property Star rating certification is in process.
  12. All office paper products are 30% post-consumer recycled content.

Environmental Duties

Energy conservation

• The Sheraton Dallas has improved the lighting in the guest rooms and public areas replacing all the incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent lights.
• All guest rooms are equipped with the latest technology in smart t-stats include motion and infrared sensors but also are wireless interfacing with our POS and EMS computers for a remote operation. HVAC run time in guest rooms has seen a 45.3% reduction since its implementation.
• Variable frequency drives have been upgraded and added in our quarter million square feet banquet space and public area air handlers for energy savings.
• A Recirculation hot water system has been installed which enables instant, on demand hot water. This system allows for the reheating of hot water during off peak periods and reduces demand to draw off water that has cooled off in stand pipes during low demand periods.
• Upgrade of the software and probes of the EMS.
• Back of the house lighting is controlled by motion sensors to reduce lighting in non-occupied areas.
• Sheraton Dallas laundry equipment is in the process of installing a tunnel washer to reduce the energy and water consumption by 70% and extending the life of the Hotel linen.
• LED lighting systems have been installed in exterior applications demanding 24 hour lighting. Reductions in energy consumption as well as bulb waste.
• During off peak demand the hotel is now set up to compress available rooms by tower reducing the footprint from three towers down to one tower and limiting available floors. All utilities are put in standby mode during these periods.
• The kitchen table buffet is designed using the most current technology centered around induction heating. This technology reduces the demand for canned fuel and can be limited based on anticipated cover counts.
• Turbo cooking ovens have been introduced in all restaurant kitchens. Preprogrammed ovens using both convection and high heat technology both reduces cooking time as well as energy consumption and ambient heat and ventilation requirements.
• The Majestic event space will begin using conference center table applications eliminating the requirement for table linen for all types of meeting set ups. Coffee break and dining service applications are also in place again eliminating the need for table linens and skirting décor.
• All audio/visual equipment has been replaced in 2009 with state of the art equipment with a focus on presentation technology as well as environmental savings and our carbon footprint.
• The Sheraton Dallas has introduced the use of Segway transportation within the property. Our Executive Meeting Specialists and Loss Prevention staff travels the hotel in this time saving and environmentally friendly transport.
• The Sheraton Dallas landscape plan is designed to accommodate significant savings both in the interior and exterior applications. With the exterior applications the landscape materials are all indigenous to the southwest and all watering will be addressed with the use of drip irrigation. Interior plants will be both drought resistant accented by artistic organic applications requiring no water at all.

Water conservation

• During our Hotel transformation all the bathroom fixtures in public areas are being replaced with electronic sensor faucets and infrared flushometers.
• We encourage our guest to conserve water by letting us know when they would like for us to change linen and clean their guest rooms during his stay. Guest have an option to opt out of daily cleaning in exchange for SPG or food and beverage financial credits.
• Keeping the conductivity levels 1800+ in our cooling tower to minimize water consumption.
• A Single stream hot water recirculation process has been installed to reduce hot water consumption as well as energy to heat cold water.
• New technology ice machines have been ordered for installation with energy miser and water conservation features
• Water Mister/low flow faucets have been installed in all 1841 guest rooms
• By the end of 2009 the Sheraton Dallas will install a state of the art laundry plant. The initiation of the new equipment will allow for 110 pounds of laundry to be washed every two and a half minutes. Water resource consumption will be reduced by two thirds.

Waste and Recycling

• Sheraton Dallas redesigned the waste and recycling programs with the installation of a Recycling Baler which allows the associates to recycle cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminum cans without having to be sorted before pick-up, also we added 100 (95 gallon on wheels) totters on the guest floors, offices and back of the house to collect all the recycling items coming from all areas, reducing the amount of pulls by 20% at month. Also part of this program is the recycling of remote control batteries and fluorescent light ballast.
• Recycling receptacles will be added to all guest rooms by September 15th 2009. Recycling collection stations have been added to each guest floor for daily collection.

Reducing natural resources waste

• Electronic reporting to minimized paper and toners in printers and photocopy machines.
• Encourage guest to uses kiosk (check-in/out) to reduce paper at the front desk.
• Paperless protocols include electronic group contracts and proposals, email guest folio delivery, electronic contract distribution and recycling bins installed in all guest rooms.
• Sheraton Dallas implemented the use of environmentally friendly chemicals for rooms and public area cleaning.
• A power factor correction project is currently under review for installation later this year.
• All purchasing is done via Star Source with a paperless PO system inclusive of receiving and posting records
• We are reviewing the feasibility of corn, bamboo or sugar cane based disposable containers to replace Styrofoam products currently in use
• All event orders are distributed electronically on a daily basis, reducing the need for thousands of copied each week.
• Office printing applications have been centralized to two locations within the sales and administrative offices reducing the demand on toner.
• Scanners have been integrated into all offices for electronic distribution again reducing the need for copies.